Call that hot! This is hot..

Yesterday’s blog described how hot it was, today multiply that by 2.

Rod prepared himself for the heat by covering his face with what looked like toothpaste and then put sunglasses on, he looked like the ill prepared member of the Blue Man Group! Our destination was Orlando so that we can take in a few theme parks and teach Harry Potter a trick or two (see what I did there).

Riding across northern Florida is like running the deer crash gauntlet, just waiting for the time when one jumps in front of the bike, when we stopped in a small town diner for our second breakfast we soon realised why none had……they all had they’re heads mounted on the wall, the other customers were all camouflaged up with crossbow paraphernalia hanging off them ….. Strangely though there was no venison on the menu, so we had something covered in cheese again.

After a sweltering day we landed in the outskirts of Orlando and intend visiting Universal tomorrow, Rod has only brought boots pullovers and jeans and its 36 …..he’ll need more toothpaste on his face tomorrow.

We’ve noticed that we’ve started to pick up the local lingo, we’re using words like y’all and bad ass, I even called someone pilgrim today…….funny place America.







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