Hot, damn hot!

It was about 25C as we left Pensacola this morning. Rather than our normal routine of breakfast in the hotel, we rode to a nearby diner and were served a heart attack on a plate. 


Our aim was to get to Tallahasse, only 200 miles away along the Gulf coast. A relatively easy day until you take the heat and humidity into account. It was like driving through a fan assisted oven whilst wearing a duvet. 

The coast road took us through a load of small towns each full of traffic lights which, more often than not, jumped to red as we approached. A 1,700cc Harley sure gives off some heat when it is stuck in traffic.  

On the plus side, i think I have sweated out at least half the weight that I have put on recently. 

Having arrived in Tallahassee, we are only about 240 miles from Orlando. We aim to ride there tomorrow which will then leave us a couple of days to explore the various theme parks. I hear the mice are as big as men. 

A quick update…… A mix of Irish pale complexion, open faced helmet and Florida sun has made Rod resemble a swan vesta!!







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