All things Southern

Today we left Louisiana crossed Mississippi, Alabama and arrived in Florida.

It was a day of duelling banjos , Dukes of Hazard and lizard Lick all in one day, but back to the start. A Few nights ago as Rod explained in a previous blog we met a Mississippi boat captain, he and his wonderful hospitality booked us into a lovely Holiday inn in New Orleans at a 50% discount courtesy of his company. 

We arrived at the hotel at the same time as him and he offered to take us on a city tour in his car. I found myself sitting in the back and Rod in the front which kinda impies that I’m the girl!!!!!!! I wasn’t overly happy with this but when we discovered that the good captain chewed tobacco and needs to spit the disgusting brown mess out rather regularly in a cup on Rods lap I was rather pleased to be in the back.

He dropped us at Bourbon street where we noticed that entertainment for any taste was available. We went and partook in our particular taste in entertainment and got back to the hotel late. 

Breakfast was a quiet affair, a mix of hangover and not too sure what to say!!! Anyway we saddled up and set off. The southern heat was intense so we needed to keep moving to keep cool. Eventually hunger took its toll and we agreed we’d stop in the next town for lunch. When we got to the next town there was a series of traffic lights and we became very competitive and raced between each set, before you could say “y’all on a turkey shoot ” we realised we’d races through the town and hadn’t stopped for lunch. We did eventually stop at an Alabama cafe and had cheese in cheese on cheese burgers.

This part of the world is very swampy which means they build elevated roads with stunning views, as we approached a bridge Pelicans were diving into the water for fish it was fantastic (by the way road kill count update, many armadillo, possum, deer, dog, raccoons and stuff the vultures have eaten too much of)

We arrived in Pensicola exhausted and checked into the Crown Plaza which is very swish. We’ve  eaten cheese, drank wine and sorted the plan for the next few days.



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