Mississippi Hospitality

Rod arrived at breakfast worse for wear from a pollen attack…..seriously our bikes had turned yellow with the pollen, I’ve never seen anything like it. Rods eyes we’re streaming and he was wheezing. After a pep talk from me he stopped whinging we found a pharmacy and all was good!

We headed off down the 61 into Mississippi and stopped for a coffee and a pulled pork roll. The other customers all seemed to be wearing Stetsons and Spurs …..quite cool…but not as good as my tescos T shirt.

3 days ago we ride the dragons tail (313 bend in 11 miles) today we rode 200 miles with no bends, traversing prairie and swamp. We’ve ended up in Vicksburg, home to bottles coca cola and casinos.

A swift 2 litre bottle of merlot and Mexican grub later and we are invited to open the tidal gates of the Mississippi tomorrow. A rendezvous of 9:00 has been arranged.

Many drinks tonight!!!!





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